Lake City Figure Skating Freestyle Admission Monthly Pass.

An average of 34-36 hours or more per month of Freestyle Ice Admission for $200.


Only available for Spokane FSC/Lake City Figure Skating sponsored freestyles. Not accepted for frontier arena sponsored freestyles.

Available only to members of Spokane Figure Skating Club and Lake City Figure Skating!

Freestyle Ice Monthly Pass

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Freestyle
Monthly Freestyle Ice Subscription
$200.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • 1. When skaters arrive at the building they will check in the coach at the front door. The coach will confirm the skater has paid for the session, is dressed for skating, passes the COVID checklist & applies hand sanitizer.
    2. Skaters may bring in Zuca Bags with only the essential items of Skates, Guards, Gloves, Warm Layer, Water Bottle & Tissues. Absolutley NO KISS & CRIES, NO notebooks, etc.
    We are asking skaters to keep all of their belongings inside their Zuca Bag while they are on the ice.
    3. Skaters will arrive at the rink dressed for practice. You will NOT be allowed to use the bathrooms as a changing room. Skaters will only use the individual bathroom at the top of the stairs.
    4. Skaters will do their off ice dynamic warm up outside in the parking lot keeping 6’ away from each other. If weather does not allow them to be outside they may warm up in the lobby maintaining a safe distance.
    5. All skaters must prepay and subscribe for their sessions at least 24 hours in advance. No skaters will be allowed on the ice without prepaying before. 
    6. Skaters will sit 6’ apart in designated areas when tying and untying their skates.
    7. Skaters will maintain a distance of 6’ from one another while waiting to get on the ice at the gate we normally enter from.