Lake City/Spokane FSC Freestyle Ice Purchase


Welcome to our freestyle program. We are excited to have you on the ice with us. We
appreciate everyone’s patience with our COVID ice purchase system and we have decided tomake it our new process!! Here are our ice fees:

Lake City Figure Skating/Spokane FSC Member Fee: $11/hour
Non-Member Fee: $15/hour
Learn to Skate Lesson only (Snowplow Sam-Basic 4 ONLY): $5
- this only allows you to skate for the amount of time your private lesson is offered for. If your skater would like to practice longer you must purchase the full hour.


We are currently posting ice buys 1 week in advance. Please look for the next weeks ice buy to be live by Saturday of the week before. We are at the mercy of Frontier Arena’s schedule so there may be times that our ice buy is published earlier or later. When we can publish 2 weeks worth of ice buys we will.


Refunds: We will no longer be giving refunds or coupon codes for skaters who miss their sessions, need to reschedule or decide to exit the ice early. We will refund for skaters who are being tested for COVID-19 and are quarantining until results are known.


Checking In: Upon arrival to the rink you will be required to show proof of purchase of your ice.  We will ask this every day you skate. You may show us your receipt from your phone. Please purchase ice prior to checking in. Sessions cap at 22 skaters per session.


Maintaining your Safety: While the threat of COVID-19 is still a very real thing we will befollowing all local, state and federal mandates and laws. At this time Kootenai County is still under a mask mandate. We will require all skaters wanting to be in the lobby area to wear masks. All coaches will wear masks and all group lesson skaters, at every level, will also wear masks on the ice. Upon arrival at the rink you will be asked to put your mask on, receive some complimentary hand sanitizer and show proof of your ice purchase. We ask all skaters and parents to maintain social distance inside the lobby. If you are unable to wear a mask you are welcome to lace your skates outside or in your car and walk directly to the ice down the steps inside the main doors. Skaters and parents without masks are not allowed to cross the lobby.  While we understand that everyone has a different level of concern regarding COVID-19 it is our responsibility to ensure that we provide a safe space for our skaters, coaches and families members who come into contact with our program members. We pride ourselves on the fact that many members have come back based on the precautions we are taking with concerns to


Music: We are in the process of securing the Rink Music system. We will continue to askcoaches to play their skaters music. Coach Sherry has offered to help skaters if she is not in a lesson. Please speak with Sherry directly about uploading your music.

Freestyle Ice - July 5 - 17

  • 1. When skaters arrive at the building they will check in the coach at the front door. The
    coach will confirm the skater has paid for the session, is dressed for skating, passes the
    COVID checklist & applies hand sanitizer.
    2. Skaters may bring in Zuca Bags with only the essential items of Skates, Guards, Gloves,
    Warm Layer, Water Bottle & Tissues. Absolutley NO KISS & CRIES, NO notebooks, etc.
    We are asking skaters to keep all of their belongings inside their Zuca Bag while they are
    on the ice.
    3. Skaters will arrive at the rink dressed for practice. You will NOT be allowed to use the
    bathrooms as a changing room. Skaters will only use the individual bathroom at the top
    of the stairs.
    4. Skaters will do their off ice dynamic warm up outside in the parking lot keeping 6’ away
    from each other. If weather does not allow them to be outside they may warm up in the
    lobby maintaining a safe distance.
    5. All skaters must prepay and subscribe for their sessions at least 24 hours in advance. No
    skaters will be allowed on the ice without prepaying before. Month passes and punch
    cards are not available for use at this time.
    6. Skaters will sit 6’ apart in designated areas when tying and untying their skates.
    7. Skaters will maintain a distance of 6’ from one another while waiting to get on the ice at
    the gate we normally enter from.
    8. All skaters, coaches and parents will wear masks at all times inside the building from
    May 18-May 30. Skaters may remove their masks while skating.
    9. Skaters may only bring guards, gloves, tissues and a water bottle out to the ice. NO kiss
    & cry bags, phones, notebooks, etc. On ice belongings must be placed 6’ apart along the
    boards. Please place these items 6’ apart from one another and away from the coaches.
    All tissues must be thrown into a garbage can immediately after being used
    10. Coaches will walk around to the player benches and coach from inside the penalty
    boxes. Skaters will maintain a 6’ distance from their coaches during lessons.
    11. Skaters will not be allowed to stand by the boards and talk or socialize during the
    session. NO EXCEPTIONS
    12. At the end of the session all skaters on the ice will exit the ice through the hockey boxes
    and walk around to the lobby, maintaining a safe distance the entire time.
    13. To help with social distancing in the lobby we are asking parents to drop their skaters
    off. Feel free to wait in your car or come back at the end of the session. If you do not
    feel comfortable leaving your child alone in the rink, you are welcome to wait. However,
    Frontier Arena will not have tables or chair set up. We ask you to please maintain social
    distancing if you choose to stay inside.
    14. Only skaters scheduled and paid through our website will be allowed to skate. NO
    15. During the Phase 2 dates of May 16-30 we will not be allowing any programs to be
    played and the harness will not be used. There will be NO exceptions.
    16. Any coach, skater or parent experiencing any symptoms of COVID should not come to
    the rink. We will refund your money for your pre-paid session.

    **We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate our return to the ice
    during this unprecedented time. We understand that everyone has a different l