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Learn to Skate Membership


If your skater is currently between the levels of Snowplow Sam & Basic 6 or Adult Classes and you plan on participating in our July clinics** and/or future group lessons you will need to join Learn to Skate USA(LTSUSA). This is a $16 membership fee that gives your skater sports insurance and additional membership benefits with LTSUSA. Additionally you will be able to skate on freestyle sessions for a reduced rate.


Here is the confusing part.....this membership is only for skaters who will still continue to take regular Snowplow Sam-Basic 6 & Adult group lessons. If your skater has not passed Basic 6, but you have chosen to participate in only private lessons your skater will need to join the Spokane FSC, please see the information below. Skaters who only participate in Jumps Class, Bridge or Mini Legends but no longer do regular group lessons also need to join Spokane FSC.


This is a required membership for all regular group lesson skaters prior to starting our July clinics or prior to restarting group lessons in August. All group lesson skaters who participated in our program prior to March have a current LTSUSA membership, however it expires on June 30 and will need to be renewed. Please reach out to Moe or your coach for your current member number if you do not have it.


Spokane FSC Membership


If your skater graduated Basic 6 prior to March 2020 or no longer participates in our regular group lessons classes (Snowplow Sam-Basic 6 & Adults) and is currently taking private lessons, skating in our Bridge program or is a member of Mini Legends you will need to join our US Figure Skating member club Spokane FSC. All of our Spokane FSC skaters train at Frontier.


Spokane FSC members enjoy reduced ice fees for freestyle sessions,  are able to take official US Figure Skating tests to move up the ranks of the sport, they join one of the most positive support systems in our sport, participate in our annual awards banquet and other amazing off ice social events. The benefits go on!! Please choose the introductory membership if this is your first time joining a US Figure Skating Club.


If you are a current Spokane FSC member your membership will expire on June 30 and needs to be renewed.




Both program memberships year runs from July 1-June 30. If you have any questions regarding your membership please feel free to reach out to Skating Director Moe Herr at or Spokane FSC Membership Chair Lauren Parker at

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